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Having a clear understanding of our users, their needs, behaviours, motivations, common touch points, the media and channels they are exposed, is critical to our work.

Our thinking and methodology affects the way we look at problems and reach creative branding solutions

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We currently operate in South Africa, with clients across the country , from JHB, CPT, KZN as well as the rest of the country.

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Creatv.studiO focuses on customer service excellence and quality product supply, delivered through highly trained staff members who have invaluable expertise and valued techniques needed by the ICT industry, more specially in Web design technologiesmultimedia designgraphic design, application development, enterprise applications, company branding, photography, ICT infrastructure and ICT expert services.

We Love our Clients, And They Love Us

I used Creatv.studiO earlier this year after another associate recommended them to me. I approached the company with the hopes that they would re-design my company’s website and I appreciated the efforts the team took to understand what I wanted on the website. They were also very knowledgeable teaching me what a good home page is and isn’t and that more pages on a website does not always equate to higher engagement. Overall, I am very happy with what they did for my company as our website now is a lead generation machine and I have had clients tell me how user friendly it is and how it has information about everything we do on it and how it does not freeze or shut down, as compared to the previous website we had that wasn’t as good. They are fast, professional, efficient and reliable and given the chance, I would use them again.

Umthathi Training Project Trust

I run a shop and recently went online as I started an online shop and I wanted to have a new website done for my business. I wanted something that reflected how seriously I take my business and something that was easily accessible on computers as well as mobile phones. I also wanted something that easily diverted traffic from my social media sites to the online shop without any delays or glitches that may result with me losing customers in that process as I run an online shop. I had the concern of the website being too expensive because they do tend to be expensive but with a variety of options presented to me, Creatv.studiO helped me to create a very well made website, that I can update every day or when needed but for a fraction of the cost. Creatv.studiO gave me support every step of the way, being available for when I had a problem or didn’t understand anything and making the process of the website being known to me so that I understand what it is they were doing. They created for me something that is in alignment with my marketing plans for the company and something that markets the company well, while providing accurate information about our service offerings. I am overall very happy with what they did for me and how well it works and the service rendered even after the job was done. I am thankful for their work and how well they do it.

Caffee Delizzia

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Do you know the USSD codes? What about “Android secret codes”? These are characters to type on your phone to access information, do tests or access hidden menus. Let’s see what it is and how to use it. Let’s start by explaining what is USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data). It is a protocol that allows information to be sent across…

Website creation roadmap

A website roadmap outlines the key stages of website creation. Website roadmaps allow multiple teams to align on the content creation, design and development phases of a website launch. It also establishes which tasks are contingent on the completion of others. Trace a website’s progress from research and conceptualization, all the way to building, styling and final deployment.

In Memory of the great Flash: 1996-2020

We are gathered here today…. Today I write in memory of Adobe Flash (née Macromedia), something that a bunch of people are actually too young to remember. I write this with love, longing, and a palpable sense of relief that it’s all over. I have come to praise Flash, to curse it, and finally to bury it. We’ve been hearing…